Day Three – RTCS


Well that’s the Royal Three Counties Show over for another year and what a year it has been!!! I would say the best show of livestock seen on the showground for many a year and the sun shone from as soon as we opened the gates on Friday morning to when they closed on Sunday tonight.

Sunday has been the National Rare Breeds and Minority Breed Show for many years and this year was no difference. Around 1000 sheep, 150 cattle and 280 pigs were on display with judging starting in the sheep lines at 08:00 with the conclusion taking place in the sheep interbreed at 14:30 which was judged by Mr Adam Henson. Adam had a very hard decision to make when deciding which breed would be the overall champion. He made his decision in placing the Kerry Hill from Mr S Jones who was showing at the show for the first year ever. The yearling ewe bought last year from J Crews as a ewe lamb was described by Adam as an amazing example of the breed and wished he had her in his flock. The reserve championship went to the Border Leicester from Mr D Grinnall which was also bought as a Ewe Lamb and the family hope for great results at the next show at the Royal Welsh.

In the cattle lines the championship today was won by the Irish Moiled from C & M Ball which also went on to win the Champions of Champions in the main arena during the Grand Parade. The reserve championship went to the Red Poll which in the pairs they went onto win the championship with the reserve going to the Belted Galloway team.

In the supreme sheep pairs (main show) the judge Mr D Rossiter travelled from Devon to judge this section. It was a very hard choice in both sections with the terminal sired section going into the rings first with his line up consisting of British Berrichon, British Charollais, Blue Texel and the Rouge. Mr Rossiter made his final decision in the placing the British Charollais pair from Mr P Tait in first place with the Blue Texel from Ryhs Cooke in reserve. In the Other Sheep Breeds Championship the line up was made of the Jacob, Kerry Hill, Coloured Ryeland, Ryeland and Blue du Maine with his decision being made in placing the Blue Du Maine as champion from Mrs S Shone and Mr P Tait. The Coloured Ryeland pairing was placed in reserve.

The Overall Supreme Sheep Pairs Championship was awarded to the Charollais pairing (Shearling Ewe and Shearling Ram) with the Blue Texel (Shearling Ram and Aged Ewe) being placed in reserve.


Here is a final list of the champions. If I have missed the breed you are looking for please click the link ( as I haven’t got all the breed results at home tonight.



Hereford – M J Clark (3)

Aberdeen Angus – P C Stovald & Son (108)

Beef Shorthorn – Mr R F Leach (236)

British Blonde – Mr Thomas (245)

British Blue – R Millichap (334)

British Charolais – Mr and Mrs White (336)

British Limousin – Paul Dawes (366)

British Simmental – Boddington Estates Limited (412)

British White – Delamore Farms Ltd (457)

Devon – Stonegrove Livestock (474)

Highland – Mr D Howden and Mr J Brewer (514)

Longhorn – J S & J W Brigg (542)

Murray Grey – Otter & Co (559)

South Devon – Mells Park Trust (604)

Belted Galloway – D & J Galloway

Any Other Beef Breed – E & P Evans (639)

Dual Purpose Cattle

Gloucester – Mr C Freeman (676)

Dexters – Mr L Digweed (691)


Beltex – Tippetts and Williams (79)

British Berrichon – L A & M A Holtom & Son (141)

Blue Texel – Mr Cooke (249)

Blue Du Maine – Mr P Tait (292)

British Charollais – C A Sercombe (340)

Clun Forest – I T Davies & Son (407)

Dorset Down – Mr B Lugsdon (438)

Hampshire Down – A G & M Pink (438)

Leicester Longwool – Miss D Stanhope (535)

Llyen – P & C Andrews (576)

Oxford Down – J W & M S F Brown (618)

Shropshire – Stonegrove Livestock (633)

Southdown – J & C & S Long (732)

Suffolk – W H Sinnett & Sons (798)

Texel – Corfield &Partners (879)

Zwartbles – Mr G Addison (931)

Badger Face Welsh Mountain – Mr A Groucott (972)

Black Welsh Mountain – Will update as soon as I get the information

Cotswold – Will update as soon as I get the information

Dorset Horn & Poll Dorset – Will update as soon as I get the information

Exmoor Horn – Will update as soon as I get the information

Jacob – Will update as soon as I get the information

Kerry Hill – Mr S Jones (1315)

Ryeland – Mrs A Robinson (1385)

Coloured Ryeland – Will update as soon as I get the information

Teeswater – Will update as soon as I get the information

Wiltshire Horn – B & H Thomas (1497)

Any Other Native Breed – M R Thomas and D P Bevon [Hill Radnor] (1551)

Any Other Continental – Mr Percy Tait [British Rouge] (1651)

RBST Sheep

Whitefaced Woodland – Mr R F Price (556)

Teeswater – Mr C Stacey (785)

Cotswold – Miss D Stanhope (622)

Galway – Mr E R Tucker (643)

Greyface Dartmoor – S James (690)

Leicester Longwool – Miss D Stanhope (737)

Black Leicester – (757)

Lincoln Longwool – Mrs P & D Simpson (778)

Any Other Longwool – Mr A Fisher [Wenslydale] (821)

Manx Loaghton – Mr J Holroyd (896)

North Ronaldsay – Marywell Primitives (919)

Soay – Mrs S Hendri (963)


Tamworth – A J & E Brown (236)

British Lop – Trevaski Farms (82)

Large Black – Mrs A Smith (301)

Welsh – Mr G Bemand (257)

British Landrace – Mr M Brown (279)

RBST Cattle

Traditional Hereford – F W Cook & Son (61)

Beef Shorthorn – Paul Dawes (4)

Glouscester – Mr C Phillips (24)

Irish Moiled – C & M Bale (38)

Red Poll – J & C Daw (54)

Belted Galloway – D & J Galloway (81)

British White – A S & R G Hamilton (108)

Longhorn – Mr D Howden (136)

Dexter – Mr J & Mrs M Bennett (114)

Any of Rare Breed – Mr & Mrs Bunning (150)

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